Join our Consumer Reference Group or Scientific Management Committee.

Expressions of interest are being invited for both our Child and Adolescent Cystic Fibrosis Consumer Reference Group of WA and our Scientific Management Committee.



We are looking for an additional 3 members to join the Child and Adolescent Cystic Fibrosis Consumer Reference Group of WA. It is a formalized group of parents and patients with cystic fibrosis brought together to:

  • Support the development of partnerships between consumers, researchers, research organizations and clinical staff.
  • Provide a consumer perspective to both clinical and research aspects of cystic fibrosis.
  • Advise about research and clinical priorities, practice and policies.
  • Enhance the quality and relevance of research and clinical activities through consumer participation.

Please see position description for more information.



We are also looking for 2 members to join our Scientific Management Committee. The role of this Committee is to implement the research priorities of the AREST CF collaboration through activities such as:

  • Progress review of current projects, including the Early Surveillance Program.
  • Review and approval of new projects, collaborations and Chief Investigators.
  • Review and approval of requests for access to AREST CF biological samples/data.
  • Progress review of research outputs, including publications, conference presentations and grant applications.
  • Monitor and align research efforts to ensure research will lead to meaningful benefits for patients in clinical practice.

Please see position description for more information.



If you would like further information about either of these roles please contact Lisa Bennett on lisa.bennett@telethonkids.org.au or 9489 7818.


If you would like to express an interest in joining either of these groups please complete this expression of interest form and forward to the Consumer and Community Involvement Program ipir@telethonkids.org.au at Telethon Kids Institute.

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How can you help?

AREST CF is deeply committed to researching Cystic Fibrosis (CF).  We believe that through collaboration we strengthen our knowledge and gain further understanding of CF.  We would like to work with individuals and organisations from across the globe to form partnerships to continue our important research.


Please contact us to find out how you could help.